Ayden is a fanon character of Regular show. He's a 32 year old Male wolf. He made his debut in Rage Wolf along with his sister Kris. He's voiced by the Character's Creator, Blud D Mess

Biographical Information
Occupation: Park worker, Singer
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Hair color: Grey
Eye color: Green
Relatives: Kris
Show Information
Voiced by: Blud D Mess
First appearance: "Rage Wolf"


Ayden is about the same height as Mordecai, 6 '1, Anthromorphic grey wolf. He has grey fur all over his body White fur on his hands, chest and the tip of his tail. His hair is cut to have a razor blade look which he thinks is awesome.



Strength -  In terms of Strength, Ayden, is between Muscle man and Skips. This is shown when he punches Psycho wolf into a brick wall causing it to crack.

Amazing Singer - Ayden's singing skill is unparelled. Capable of singing at perfect pitch. He and Kris was able to attract the attention of the Psycho Wolf to get is away from the group.

Skateboarder - Ayden is a pro at skateboarding, and his skateboard is what he uses for his means of travel.

Video game pro - Adyen has video gaming skills that rival Mordecai

Soft drink addict - Ayden often drinks soft drink, He is almost never without it on his person.

Pro fighter - Ayden is a pro fighter due to the frequent fights he had when he was younger.

Hard worker - When Benson is around, Ayden works hard to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Slacker - When Benson isn't around, he slacks off with Mordecai and Rigby.

L33T Speaker - Ayden tends to use leet when he talks.

Computer Wiz - Ayden is capible of fixing all kinds of computer problems.



Kris is Ayden's Sister. They share the usual Brother/Sister bond with each other.






Muscle ManEdit

Hi-five GhostEdit


her ex boyfriends





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