Edward looking at something










Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Margaret, Eileen Skips, HFG(sometimes, Muscle Man (sometimes)


Rigby(sometimes) Muscle Man (sometimes) HFG(sometimes)



Edward is an 25-year-old green Cucak, he is German, a few people hate him becouse they think he is Nazi (racism acts). He studied in an Junior-High in Germany, then he studied in USA becouse his Dad got an job in USA. He returned back to Germany when he was 17 years old. He doesnt like to talk about his past a lot becouse it brings he bad memories.


Edward is a green Cucak, and he is taller than Mordecai. He always wears a green shirt and has a blue clock in his right hand. He has one white stripe in both arms.


Fly: He actually can fly because his dad teached him how to fly when he was 4.

Easily Distracted: Edward doesnt pay attention at all the time, he is distracted very easy.

Video-Game expert: He knows everything about Video-Games.

Skilled with Guns:When he was a child, his dad and his uncle teached him about guns and how to use them.


Edward is always relaxed. He sometimes is immature and also likes to prank everyone a lot. He is very brave as he doesnt fear anything. He also is very funny everytime.


Anette BachmeierEdit

She was Edward's wife.When Edward left Germany again they divorced. Before they married they were best friends. They know each other since they were kids.


Mordecai is one of Edward's best friends , they play video-games all the time an they prank on Rigby a lot.


When he is bored he goes with Rigby , Rigby is also one of Edward's best friends , they do major pranks to random people.


As he has an crush on her , he kind of respects Mordecai feelings with her , so he just acts stupid when she is near.


Benson is Edward's boss , he doesn't respects him a lot , as Edward just treats him like an friend.


Edward gives a lot of respect to Pops , as an result that he doesnt disrespects Pops , He hangs a lot with Pops.


Edward just consults Skips when he is in trouble or needs an"mystical solution" to solve his problems.

Muscle ManEdit

He and Muscle Man fight each other everytime , they hate each other.


He and High Five Ghost hang out a lot , HFG is one of Edward's best friends too , as an result Muscle Man hates Edward becouse he stealed his "Best friend".


  • He has an noticeable German accent.
  • He can fly.
  • He likes to prank everybody a lot.
  • His dad fought in WWII and played GBWG.
  • He has his own house nearby the park.
  • Edward's last name is Richtofen.
  • He can play the Guitar very good becouse when he was in Germany, he took guitar classes.
  • He was married when he was in Germany.
  • He likes the coffee a lot.
  • He has an crush in Margaret too. Mordecai gets angry when he says about it.

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