Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Show Information

Margaret is a main/supporting character in Regular Show. Margaret is a female robin who works as a waitress in the Coffee shop with her best friend Eileen. The Coffee Shop is across street from the park and Mordecai has a large interest in her, and is always finding ways to make excuses to go to the coffee shop to see her.


Despite being a robin Margaret looks a lot like a cardinal. However this isn't practical since female cardinals are orange and male cardinals are red. Margaret appears identical to Mordecai with a few exceptions:

  • Feathers are red and white color (white feathers sometimes appear pinkish).
  • Beak is curved.
  • "Spot" on the side of her head is comma shaped and brownish.
  • She sports no stripes.
  • Hairstyle is curved.

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