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Stevie is a fanon character in Regular Show, and a main character in BrooklynneMoon's Series, Regular Randomness. She is 23 years old


Stevie is a 6'3 tall bird-alien, with red eyeshadow, and frequently died hair, she has bangs that always, no matter what, goes around her eyes, and her hair is mostly messy and mostly gonna be short. She changes her outfit alot, but she always wears her black glove.


Despite her spending her life in the Alien Kingdom, in a lantern, she doesn't know anything about Earth, yet she takes most Earth stuff seriously. She has a science IQ of 100. She's also a tomboy, she loves Go-karting, skateboarding, guitar playing, and stuff. When she's furious she turns into a girl people likes to call "Demonvie".

More coming soon.

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