The Regular Movie 2: Klordbane's Revenge is a 2011 movie sequel to the episode "Fists of Justice". (Although Fists of Justice aired in 2012.)

The Regular Movie 2: Klordbane's Revenge


J.G. Quintel as Mordecai, GOEY #2

William Salyers as Rigby

Sam Marin as Benson, GOEY #3 & #4

Mark Hamill as Skips

David Kaye as GOEY Leader

Robin Atkin Downes as Gary

Troy Baker as Klordbane

Characters w/ Unknown VA

Archibald (A.K.A. GOEY #5, Deceased)




4-30-2011 (USA)

7-4-2012 (United Kingdom)

6-25-2011 (Latin America)

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