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    hello there everybody this is my very first time doing my own fanon called pops in wonderland based on the 1951 disney movie alice in wonderland and with the help of my friend roxigirl525 thank you so much friend for helping me doing this with me friend and don't worry they'll be more coming up soon i just need to have the next part of this fanon ok? and now enjoy this fanon :3

    (the fanon begins in the park, and everybody is working today and the new employee name becca is taking a break from her work and she starts to read her book until sees someone coming this way, she waved at her boyfriend name pops and he waved back at her)

    pops: hello becca

    becca: hello pops what'cha doing?

    pops: oh i was just checking up on you see if your doing anythi…

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  • Regularbecca18

    hello there everyone i'm so sorry about that i didn't finish my first fanon everyone and i know some of ya'll never saw the 1951 version of Alice in wonderland but it's ok everyone i forgive you :) and this is my second fanon based on me and my friend roxi525's regular show roleplay and it's really fun because i like roleplaying as my oc Becca and regular show characters and i know i'm still new at this still but i'm doing ok with this.

    (the episode begins with my oc name Becca leaving Pops' room and she sees her friend Mordecai and the others standing when he and the others saw her and Pops hugging, laughing and talking even talking about how cute the babies are)

    Mordecai: Aww that's sweet of you and Pops talking about babies and stuff Becc…

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  • Regularbecca18

    (the episode begins with everyone doing their job and Pops comes downstairs until he hears my oc Becca singing in her beautiful singing voice while she's mopping in the kitchen and he quietly takes a peek without her seeing him and he smiles at her while she's cleaning the kitchen with the mop and singing)

    Becca: (in her beautiful singing voice) high above oh, sing sweet nightingale sing sweet nightingale high oh, sing sweet nightingale sing sweet nightingale oh, sing sweet nightingale sing sweet oh, sing sweet nightingale sing sweet nightingale, sing oh, sing sweet nightingale oh, sing sweet oh, sing

    Pops: (he was smiling at Becca and her song she singand he loved the song she sing) good show! jolly good show!

    Becca: (she got startled by Pop…

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  • Regularbecca18

    Hey everyone i made this sad song about my oc Becca and Pops based on last year of them being bash, saying mean stuff and other bad stuff, And this song is based on a Pixar movie Toy Story 2 i hope you enjoy it.

    Becca was sitting on her bed thinking of the things she and Pops use to do, as she looks at the picture of her and him laughing. Soon a tear start falling on her face as she begin to sing a sad song.  

    Becca: *beautiful singing voice* When somebody love me, Everything was beautiful. Every hour we spent togther lives within my heart. And when he was sad i was there to dry his tears and when he was happy, So was i when he loved me. Through the summer and the fall we had each other, that was all just he and i together, Like it was meant…

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